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Reimagine Room Service

When you make it easy for guests to have a say in their own experience, they show their gratitude.

Servers get more tips, table turn increases, and revenue sees a huge boost.

We strive to keep your business lightweight and flexible, so you can focus on what really matters.


% increase in check size


% increase in monthly revenue

Find the plan that’s right for you! One size doesn’t fit all. Tailor your package for a flexible toolkit that fits your budget and needs.

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The era of contactless service

We all know the digital revolution has left no stone — or bread basket — unturned. Your restaurant dining experience no longer begins when a server hands you a menu. Physical menus have been replaced with QR codes, ordering has been swallowed by digital channels, and payments have gone contactless.

The next-generation customer is technologically savvy, connected, and expecting concierge-level service around every corner. Our contactless ordering and payment solution Concierge allows guests to self-order and pay for food and drinks, whether in the hotel restaurant or in-room, via their own phone.

Modern order and pay made simple.

Adapting to a new way of hospitality with technology that allows restaurants to provide a safe dining experience.

  • Turn tables quicker
  • Increase your average order size and team tips.
  • Bring in more customers with fast mobile check out
  • Save money, Save time
Your dining experience is the sum total of every guest interaction, from the moment your guests arrive to the time guests close their tab, and even beyond your walls.

Concierge will help you with:


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About us

The idea for our solution came from our real life experiences in 2019. Weny was founded in 2021 and now we are ready to go to infinity and beyond!

As mentioned we got the idea back in 2019, so before the pandemic started and it is based on our real life events.

Have you ever wondered why you need to wait for the waiter at your favourite restaurant to make your order or when leaving a hotel, why do you have to wait to checkout?

Why you cannot pay for your order with your smartphone and just leave? So have we.

We have been developing our platform since the beginning of 2021 and finally we are ready to go to infinity and beyond!.

It is vital to anticipate, design and create your post-Covid customer experience according to changes in customer behavior and expectations, as well as any active health measures that are still in place. Using our Concierge solution, hospitality companies will be able to offer customers a seamless customer experience.


Most asked questions about our solution.

1Do I need to download an app to place orders?
No - hotel guests don't need to download an app, as they can order immediately via our web app. They simply scan the QR code and can browse the menu and make their order.
2Can guests browse our digital menus in their native language?
Yes. Display your menu in Finnish, English, French, German or any other major language that our platform supports. The right language, in conjunction with appealing images of your menu items make the order process very easy for your foreign customers.
3Can we make changes to our menus and restaurant settings?
Change menu items, hours of menu availability, modifiers, fees and much more all by yourself. You are in complete control of your hotel's profile and menu!
4Will our guests be notified that their order has been received?
Yes. After guests enter their email during the checkout process, they will receive confirmation notifications that their order has been accepted.
5Does the Weny platform only work for in-room dining?
No. Our platform can be deployed for any kind of venue, whether it is service in hotels, restaurants, poolsides, beachsides, rooftop bars, cafes, shops, sporting venues, theaters, etc. There is virtually no limitation to where you can introduce our web-based platform. Better yet, you can interconnect as many venues as you wish while managing them from only one user profile.
6Is your solution available only in certain geographical regions?
No. The Weny platform is a truly global solution and available anywhere in the world.
7Does your platform support different currencies, services charges and payment methods?
Yes. Our platform accommodates all your payment requirements, including payment in different currencies, charging different tax rates for menu items, adding various service and delivery charges. Guests can choose from any preferred method of payment that you would like to offer (Charge to Room, Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay).
8Does your platform allow to retrieve and analyze my customer data?
Yes. Our platform provides you with complete access to your guest data. Weny does not keep nor does it sell the data to third parties as it is GDPR compliant.
9I do not see my question answered here. What can I do?
You can contact our support at or use the contact form.

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